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Get Fit, Stay Fit and Love it!

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Elizabeth Colorado's #1 Fitness location

We focus on Getting fit, Stayin Fit and Lovin It! in a fun, welcoming and healthy environment. 

Stayin Fit came to life with the passion of creating a place where the community would come together, and friendships and family would encourage others, lift eachother and together improve in all areas of our lives.  This fitness location is incredible filled with relationships and memories.  Come and experience it yourself.  

Here we will work together to help you find your fitness routine that makes you feel great and allows you to reach all your goals.  We have something for everyone.  Silver Sneakers to athletes.  

Set your appointment to come and tour our location today.  



Brave It up! ™ Adventures is all about exploring, conquering fears, overcoming limiting beliefs and using nature to connect, heal and find joy.  This amazing group shares tips, tools, support and knowledge on the fun activities while focusing on helping others in all areas of life. 

ITS 24:7 is focused on providing support in 4 main pillars of life Spiritual, Emotional, Health/wellness, and financial wellness. We provide ongoing tools, training and support to positively enhance your life in all areas.  


Stayin Home and Lovin It! Has been assisting families for over 2 decades to live healthier lives, improve quality of their homes and health and earn income to create freedom, security and peace.  Work from home with the award winning team that has helped 1,000's.  

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