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Stayin Fit and Lovin it! Falling in Love with Fitness this Fall!

*Autumn leaves may fall but your fitness shouldn't. Keep moving through this season of change.

Change is inevitable especially when it comes to time. We do not control it, only get so much of it, but we do get to choose how we spend it and how we feel about it. Lets explore some things that may help this Fall season to embrace and welcome the change of season.


Nutrition Matters!

Last month we sent out our first newsletter and were so pleased with the response. Thank you for all who commented and utilized the "Ask a trainer" prompt. We received several new questions to be shared and explored but one came numerous times:

"How do you stay on plan and not get bored?" So, we complied some helpful tips to get going and a favorite recipe for the colder season.

Have a question? Click HERE and submit we may just write an article or reach out directly to answer.

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